Grow & Scale Your Copywriting Business Without The Growing Pains

Discover how to get great paying clients you actually want to work with and create an online business that does more than just pay the bills!


Online businesses are in desperate need of copywriters...but there's a catch!

Most of them don't know where to look, what kind of copywriting their business needs, or how to find a great copywriter who understands their business. 

So they take no action at all.

And on the other side there are awesome copywriters just like you searching high and low for clients, frustrated by having to send out tons of proposals, only to go unnoticed or get beat out by someone who'll do it for less. 

You already know there are copywriters out there getting paid big bucks with high-profile clients, and chances are, that's exactly what you want too.

If you're like most of the copywriters we've worked with you probably feel discouraged and desperate for that one big client.

And maybe you're asking yourself how much longer you can keep going with copywriting before you need to get a job that'll pay the bills.

But you know what? The biggest hurdle I see with struggling copywriters that keeps their business at a standstill is not knowing how to stand out in the crowd.

Imagine if online businesses saw you as the expert for all their content, messaging, and copywriting needs

Right now thousands of businesses have ben forced to move online. And for most, this is a whole new world. They need copy that connect through their website and engages with audiences. 

They need you!

But the truth is, if you don't perfect your offer to prospective clients, you'll be another pitch email in their junk box...if you even get that far. 

Staying unknown means staying broke and unhappy.

Show me just one amazing copywriter who doesn't specialize in a particular niche. You can't!

The best way to create a copywriting business that'll grow and scale, is to stand out as an expert in your ideal clients' industry.

Ever heard the phrase "Jack of all trades, master of none"?

It means if you try to go after all the copywriting jobs, you'll never be known or trusted as the expert in any area. 

To build your client list and create a successful business you need to stand out as an expert or you'll blend into the background.

Take your copywriting from part-time gig to profitable business in just a few weeks with our proven roadmap that makes you an expert in the online business space.

* Introducing *

Your toolkit for serving online businesses like a digital copywriting expert.

This powerful program is unlike any other courses for writers.

It's a 4-week practical, hands-on program that will help you go...

>> From a frustrated low paid copywriting freelancer

>> To online copywriting pro with a thriving, profitable business and clients you actually want to work with

 Get clarity on how to showcase your strengths and use what you already have to stand out as a trusted expert

 You'll discover the ins and outs of online business, so you feel right at home and familiar with what your clients need most

 Create the perfect pitch using our proven system to connect and convert more prospects into paying clients

 Boost your skills with insider information that'll have your clients thinking you were sent from copywriting heaven just to serve them

 Get paid for your value by making it impossible for others to compete with your offers


Build your personal copywriting toolkit using our simple 4-step framework, and you'll have the power to:

✔ Handle the ups and downs of any economy 

✔ Finally stop struggling and get things off the ground

✔ Have a biz that doesn't require you to trade time for money

✔ Decide to turn your side hustle into a full-time business. Ditch the 9-5 if that's your dream!

Here's What To Expect

Upgrade Your Service Offering

Learn how to provide your clients with the complete package of services they need to be successful. 

No matter what's happening in the economy, you'll be prepared to thrive, stay flexible, and make the best of any situation, even COVID-19.

We'll show you how to confidently expand your services and grow your profit along the way. The sky's the limit.

A Client Match Made In Heaven 

Discover how to meet amazing business owners whose needs match your skills and values perfectly, so you can say goodbye to nightmare clients!

You're in the driver's seat and it's never been easier to pick which business niche to work with.

Imagine being able to work with clients whose values are in alignment with yours. Work starts to feel like play!

Boost Income And Flexibility

More businesses going online due to COVID-19. Grab those online copywriting projects by offering your valuable skills to businesses that need your expertise right now!

You'll diversify your skills by learning the ins and outs of online business needs, while staying in the copywriting niche.

Plus, make back your investment in this course with your very first client. Talk about return on investment!


You'll be amazed at what's possible for your business!

 When I started as a copywriter I was shocked by how many clients wanted help with their website, marketing, and strategy. Then it hit me...Why should they have to find a different person for each when I can help them with the whole package! 

I'm so excited to share the training, tools, and support our program has to offer. And I cannot wait to see how much you and your business grow in just 4 weeks.

- Lindsay Tucker, Founder & CEO

Sign up now to get all the training, resources, and support you need:

Step-By-Step Training

Take your skills to the next level with straightforward guided video training on combining copywriting with one of the best web platforms for online businesses. 

$497 Value

Support When & How You Need It

Forget about going it alone. We answer your questions and go deeper on hot topics in weekly live coaching sessions. If ever you're unsure of something, we've got your back!

$397 Value

Templates, Tools & Trade Secrets

Resources, cheat sheets, and checklists to help you start strong and give you the momentum to grow. All without feeling overwhelmed!

$167 Value

That's a total value of over $1,000

But because I want you to take advantage of this incredible time for online businesses so you can make big leaps right now, I've got a special promo price of just $397


Bonus: Private 1-on-1 Call

You'll get a 30-minute private call with Lindsay Tucker to use anytime you need some extra help or support. Whether it's during the course or troubleshooting during a project for your client. 

Here's how to get your Bonus:

Online businesses have a ton of website options to choose from but we use one of the best, most user-friendly platforms out there. It's called Kajabi and you're gonna love it!

But first, you'll want your own account to practice in, and we'll guide you every step of the way. 

Access your bonus by clicking here and creating your Kajabi account through this special link. You'll get a free 14-day trial too! Once your account is activated, your bonus will get sent to your email address for you to use whenever you like. 

Become a badass copywriter who gets great clients and has the profit to show for it!

Don't miss the chance to score incredible clients and scale your business during the pandemic. More businesses than ever have moved online and need you to help them grow. 

The Copywriter Academy is valued at over $1,000

But the price for you today is only $397


Questions? We've got answers!

Doors to The Copywriter Academy open in January 2021 so register now and lock in your spot!

We've limited the spaces so you get the best possible experience. 

And for the promo rate of only $397 seats are filling up fast!


Opportunity Knocks! Will You Answer?

A year from now when you look back on what you accomplished during COVID-19, you can say it was the best time for your copywriting business to grow and thrive.

What would it mean for you and your loved ones if your business brought in more income at a time when so many are getting laid off? 




Specialized Skills Like Yours Are In Demand

Unlock your full potential beyond "just" writing. Pair your copywriting with the marketing and website know-how to skyrocket your success.

Plus, you'll have access to clients around the world who value your new expertise. Wow them with your talents and watch your business grow!




Customized Support Along The Way

We may not be in the same room but it'll feel like we are with the high level of ongoing support, feedback, and encouragement you'll get in the program. 

We know you've got something special to share with the world, and our (socially distant) hands-on training is the best way to get it out there!


Looking for details on what you get in the program? Here ya go!

This one of a kind program guides you through the proven steps to take your existing copywriting skills (even if you're brand new!) and expand them into a perfect fit for your ideal digital clients. 

And we make it all painless because no one needs any additional discomfort in 2020. Am I right?

Online businesses are looking for you

Stand out from the crowd and be the expert they need.

Finally, a toolkit that gives you a huge advantage to score clients you actually want to work with. 

There's never been a better time to grow and scale your copywriting business. Don't miss out!