Hey Ladies!

Website Tech, Copywriting, and Marketing Shouldn't Feel Like Roadblocks.


It's Time to Break Through These Barriers and Feel Confident with Every Part of Your Kajabi-Based Online Business


How Much Time Are You Wasting Because Your Online Biz Is "Stuck"?

Being online means reaching a wider audience and generating more income. 

But not if your website has you stumped or you're not sure how to sell your stuff without hiring a tech wizard. 

The online space has been dominated by men since the beginning. 

Now it's our turn!


Step Into Your Role As The CEO

What would your business look like if you could confidently hand off website tasks, copywriting, and promotional work to someone else?

Paying an expert to do ALL the "back end" stuff isn't sustainable for most entrepreneurs. 

But you probably don't wanna do it all yourself either. Right?

How about a happy balance that empowers you as the CEO of your business?


Pro Tip:

You need to know enough about ALL aspects of your online biz so you can make a confident decision to delegate work to your team, hire a contractor, or DIY it.

And that's exactly what we'll help you do!

Women Entrepreneurs Will Run The World

But first we need to stop letting people tell us we're not smart enough, savvy enough, or technologically inclined enough to compete with the big boys online.

Join our not-so-secret society of women just like you. 

Women who want to build a high impact (and high income) business online. 

This one of a kind membership will give you the tools, resources, and confidence to skyrocket your business's reach. 

And all because you'll know exactly how to get shit done when it comes to your website.


Not Your Average Membership

Our promise to you as a member is 3-fold:

#1 - Equip women with all the tools, resources, and templates needed to make the most of Kajabi's platform. 

#2 - Empower women to feel confident, knowing enough about the "back-end" to delegate, hire a contractor for specific work, or DIY it.

#3 - Encourage women to fully embrace their role as CEO by removing traditional barriers like technology.

Live Group Coaching

Businesses grow and change along the way. Our weekly group coaching helps you work through the challenges of Kajabi, copywriting, marketing, and online biz that you're facing NOW. You ask the Qs, we provide the As. 

A Supportive Community

Women who've been right where you are and are ready to help propel your growth and impact. You won't find any Mean Girls here, just a group of driven gals who want to raise each other up.

All The Tools & Resources

Kajabi can seem like a foreign language sometimes. So we're giving you the cheat sheets, checklists, and templates you need to become fluent. We also break down the new updates as they roll out every 8-weeks.


Say Goodbye to These Major Costs When You Join

Tech Maintenance Fees (approx. $500)

Copywriting Services (approx. $600/month)

Launching & Promotions Services (approx. $3,000)

Brand strategist (approx. $2,000)

And countless other bundles of $$ from staying stuck!

That's like getting $12,700 worth of annual online business support for only $67/month!

Here's What Some Amazing Women Have Achieved So Far

Kelsey Carignan

Owner, Vibrant Yogi

Working with Lindsay has been the BEST decision I’ve made for growing my business.

She is my Kajabi guru but has also managed to teach and empower me along the way. Thank you for helping me build my dream business!

Alison Mitchell

Copywriting Entrepreneur

Lindsay has all the qualities you want in a teacher! She has helped me gain the confidence I need to run my own copywriting business with her gentle and encouraging mentorship. She is consistently helpful, kind, respectful, and responsive in all of our work together. She always encourages my ideas and adds extra value to them. It's a pleasure to work for her and with her, and I learn something new every time we interact!

Kara Tanenbaum

Owner, PodSquad Producers

Working with Lindsay was a dream. She took my vision, added her expert touch and made my Kajabi website a beautiful reality! She really hit it out of the park with writing the copy for my lead magnet. Communication and meeting deadlines were exceptional and I appreciate Lindsay so much for all her help!

Jacqui Lofthouse

Founder, The Writing Coach

Before working with Lindsay, my Kajabi membership site for writers was half complete, but I didn't have the technical know-how to finally bring my launch to market. Lindsay's calm, expert presence and knowledge of the platform really helped me to take those final steps. I'm delighted to call Lindsay my Kajabi expert!

Founding Members



  • New templates, checklists, and cheat sheets each month
  • Access to LIVE weekly Q&A sessions (plus the replays)
  • Connect with other female biz owners just like you
  • Everything takes place right inside Kajabi so you get acquainted with all the features
  • Get help and support right when you need it
  • Plus, check out the bonuses!


Also Included in Your Membership

  • Vote on the content & resources you want each month
  • In-depth video tutorials for all business and skill levels
  • Bonus LIVE strategy sessions to get clarity on your launch, promo, and business goals
  • Opportunities to get FREE feedback on your sales page and copy
  • Chances to win a FREE website check up
  • Referral program that rewards you for bringing other amazing women into our circle
  • Front of the line treatment for assistance if shit hits the fan*

We want this Membership to be a zero-risk, no brainer decision for you.

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