Why You Don’t Need My Services

entrepreneur kajabi mindset online business Apr 05, 2021

The majority of my business is done-for-you services exclusively for online entrepreneurs with Kajabi-based businesses, and I LOVE my clients. I’ve been blessed to meet some of the coolest entrepreneurs with the biggest hearts, who are out there doing amazing things. 


One thing I give each of them serious props for is knowing themselves well enough to outsource the “back end” part of their online biz. Whether it’s creating websites from scratch, launching online courses, or setting up automations so things run like clockwork, they know it’s just not something they want to do. And they’ve taken the time to assess their skills, preferences, and business model to reach that conclusion. 


So, why then would I write a post that says you don’t need my services? Simple. If you’re brand new in your company or new to the online world and your first reaction to the tech side of things is to break out in hives, YOU don’t need me. 


The tech space has been dominated by super cool, socially awkward Silicon Valley nerds who, I imagine, spend their days coding in some dingy basement for a startup company. It’s also a space that used to be all male, which made things increasingly intimidating for women to step into. 


Not anymore, my friend!


Gone are the days of needing advanced coding and specialized degrees just to get a website up and running. The platforms of today are super user-friendly and can have a live site ready in a few days rather than weeks. 


Sure, some platforms are easier than others. Honestly, any platform that boasts a “drag and drop” model or suggests you can learn the whole system instantly is full of shit. But overall, if a non-techy like me can find her way online and make an actual business of doing the same for others, there’s no reason why you can’t confidently navigate your website as well. 


Do you remember the first time you drove a car? Think back to those early days. Cars are complex machines with lots of features, moving parts, and you needed to learn some stuff before driving one safely. Websites are the same. 


The difference is that it’s culturally acceptable for people over 16-ish to drive, regardless of educational background, skillset, vocation, or gender. 


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard someone say, “Leave the tech to the experts!”

Umm, why? 


Personally, I don’t like giving away my power or assuming I’m not good at something before I give it a shot. This is why you don’t need my services. Yet. 


The internet is a magical place, and your website will help share your products or services with the world. But before you get to decide if you’ll personally handle the back end side of things or outsource to someone else, I challenge you to go through the process yourself to see what kind of feelings come up along the way. 


Most often a reluctance to get involved in the online part of your online business is nothing more than a mindset block. Maybe you were told to stick to what you know, or leave it to the experts, as I was. But who’s to say you’re not going to get satisfaction and joy from it by doing it yourself?


When I first wanted an online business I was paralyzed by the thought of navigating the interwebs. Domain names, URLs, hosting? Ugh! But I wasn’t in the position to pay someone else to do it for me and ohhhh my goodness am I ever thankful that was the case. 


It forced me to go through things one baby step at a time until I had a real live website! It was a slow process. It was a little messy. But I didn’t die. Instead I learned the basics. 


Then came a fork in the road where the actual magic happens. 


Do I outsource or keep going on my own? 


When you reach this point of decision you have officially arrived. In truth I was expecting someone to give me a gold star to celebrate the momentous occasion. I’m still waiting…


This critical point is so important because you now know enough about the online part of your online business to do one of the following:

  • Do it all yourself
  • Hire it out and know exactly how to instruct the contractor
  • Have a member of your team manage it and know exactly how to guide them


The last two bullets have something in common for good reason. Knowing how to explain to your contractor or team member what you need them to do will save you time, money, and headaches. 


Allow me to use a stereotypically sexist example to illustrate my point. A man walks onto a used car lot looking to make a purchase. All things being equal, the skeezy salesman will assume the man knows what the heck he’s talking about and is less likely to swindle him out of money or sell him a lemon. Now, a woman walks onto the lot and the skeezy salesman will assume she knows absolutely nothing about cars, and he’ll start planning how to spend the huge cheque he’s about to get from selling an overpriced piece of shit car to an unsuspecting woman. 


When you know enough about the product or service you want to acquire, in this case it’s everything related to your website, and you can articulate what you need, you put yourself in a brilliant position of strength and confidence


You don’t have to know all the answers. You don’t even have to know all the questions. But you need to be able to have a conversation that doesn’t sound like, “Can you adjust the thingy and make it more salesy?”


And trust me when I say, if I can do it, anyone can do it!


If you want to learn the step-by-step process to get your very own website up and running, and be cheered on the whole way, you can get started by joining The Club. It’s our magical space where women are empowered to overcome tech barriers. It’s a place that puts you in control of your business so you can shape it in a way that fits you like a glove. You’ll learn the basics quickly so you can arrive safe and sound at your own fork in the road to confidently decide whether to DIY the online stuff or outsource it. 



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