Websites & Funnels: You Need Both

entrepreneur entrepreneurship sales funnels website building May 05, 2021

For online entrepreneurs one of the most exciting first steps in business is having their very own website. It’s a point of legitimacy, a unique space with the look and feel you’re going for, and of course, it’s where the sales magic happens. 


But before you go ahead and build out the Lamborghini of websites, pause for a moment and ask what purpose your website really serves. 


Sure it’s a conduit between you and your ideal clients but I’ll challenge you to go one step deeper to really understand the role of your website in your online business. Does it bring your community together for discussions? Is it a resource hub for expertise on your subject matter? Can it tell the story your audience needs to hear to inspire them to join your course?


There’s no “right” answer here. The goal is to be mindful of why you’re creating what you’re creating. And trust me, it applies to more than just online business...but that’s a whole other story!


Have you ever found yourself working diligently for hours, only to lift your head and wonder why the heck you’re even doing it? I have. So many times! Chalk it up to the busy business of being an entrepreneur but that doesn’t change the fact that there’s a lot of unnecessary time, effort, and money being wasted on things your biz probably doesn’t need. 


Back to your website. 


One mistake I see often is putting insane amounts of time into building the perfect website, with dozens of pages, oodles of info, and no real goal for the site. It’s essentially the junk drawer of your business and things can get messy really fast. Before you know it, your website is an encyclopedia of your life, and your audience is no closer to knowing if your company or products are a good fit for them.


You’ve gotta rein things in and keep it simple on your website. Keep it clear and keep it about your audience!


“But what if a potential customer wants to know how old I was when I got my first dog?”


If you’re hell bent on providing lots of info on your site, at least group it into 5 or so main pages. Blogs are also a great way to share random info, just like I’m doing here!


There’s a reason why funnels have become the online sales hero in recent years. 


In the early internet days a website could showcase products and services, and those who were interested made a purchase. These days, consumers are way more savvy and guard their time vigilantly. That means you have to make an impact fast if you want to get and keep your audience’s attention long enough to tell them what you’re selling. 


Here’s why funnels work. At its core, a funnel is simply a way to feature one product or service on a landing page and go deep to showcase why the customer should want it. There’s no distractions about other services, no links to recent blog posts, and often there’s actually no way to even leave the page unless you close your tab. 


The sole purpose is to get you to purchase or join, and once you’re in the funnel you’re not getting out until you purchase or you decide the offer isn’t for you. Even then, you’ll probably land in an email sequence where you’ll get to know the company and hey, it might end up being a great fit after all!


Whereas websites are a winding labyrinth, funnels are a one-way trip from point A to point B. 


When I was starting out I flip-flopped between only having funnels and only having a website. Yet the reason I was getting bounced back and forth like a ping pong ball was because neither option has everything I need to run a business. 


Funnels are not a place to browse around and get to know the quirky little traits that make your company amazing. And websites are not where potential customers will typically decide to purchase your product or service. 


You need both. 


So before you write off your website or decide that funnels are too complex, take a breath and remember that the business you’re creating is as unique as you are. Your ideal customers are waiting to hear the goofy stories in your blog to show how you’re a normal person. They’re also waiting to be presented with a very specific offer that’s a great fit for them. 


Only you can decide how to balance the scales when it comes to how big your website is and how extensive your funnels are. As long as your goal is to give your audience the best experience possible, I’m confident you’ll get it just right. 

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