Technology with Intention

intention realationships technology Apr 16, 2021

The tech side of your business doesn't have to feel cold and sterile just because it lives on a computer.


Far from it. And come to think of it, I have no idea where websites live...this is concerning.


My point is that your website is an extension of you and your offering, and ultimately it's the connector between you and your perfect customers.


All the talk of automations, funnels and optimization in the online biz space can pull you down a rabbit hole that takes you further away from those you serve.


If we weren't in a pandemic and you could actually walk up to someone to chat about your business, how would you greet them? A handshake or a hug, maybe. But certainly not by handing them a number and a note on how they'll hear from you next via a clever email sequence.


Sometimes I also forget that online business is just regular business with real humans. And I'll be honest, there are times when I've gotten too close to the tech and some basic social skills (and manners) went out the window.


Landing pages that barely say "Hi, nice to meet you! So happy you stopped by" before asking for the opt-in. Sales pages with snobby offers that herd unsuspecting souls into offer purchases like lemmings walking off a cliff. It can get pretty robotic on the interwebs.


I think every business owner has experiences where they realize they're too close to their offering to even understand if it makes sense anymore. And when that inevitably happens to you I want you to celebrate!


Yes, celebrate.


This is a symbolic checkpoint in your journey and one that gives you an awesome chance to check in with yourself to see whether the intention behind your technology is still intact.


Read your webpage out loud. Does it sound like you? Does it sound like a human at all?!


Next, check your offers. Can you feel excitement for the transformation your customers will get when they purchase?


And although you don't need a professionally designed website with all the bells and whistles, yours should have a feeling to it.


When someone lands on your website, allow them to feel like they're meeting up with a friend at the local coffee shop.


Most "marketing gurus" would suggest creating this feeling so more people buy from you but a transaction does not create a relationship.


Instead, I'm sharing this suggestion so you can benefit from real lasting relationships with your customers. They will be your biggest champions. They will sing your praise all over town.


And ultimately that allows you to have the impact you envisioned for your business by using technology with intention.



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