How The Planets Interfere With Tech

kajabi launch mercury retrograde online business technology Jun 20, 2021

It’s ironic that my previous post was all about when you should launch your online course because I’ve just learned about something that blew my mind and has big implications on tech and communication. Both of which are super important during your launches and promotions. 


I’m talking about Mercury Retrograde folks. And trust me when I say I never used to believe in this stuff or know what the heck it was really all about. 


Until recently, I thought Mercury Retrograde was an excuse people used when things weren’t going their way but a little research via the Google helped me understand what this phenomenon is and why it’s so important, especially for those of us working in the online world. 


What is Mercury Retrograde?


At its most basic level, it’s the timeframe when Mercury’s orbit around Earth slows down to the point where it almost looks like it’s going backwards. The going backwards appearance is caused by all the other planets moving at their normal speed and Mercury putting the brakes on. Everyone else keeps going but it looks like Mercury has actually reversed. 


Why is this important?


Mercury is said to rule all things related to communication, so when it goes retrograde anything that needs to “talk to” something else can go haywire. Here are some examples of what you might experience during Mercury Retrograde:

  • You fumble your words during conversations
  • There’s a lot of miscommunication between you and your partner/family
  • Electronic devices malfunction or your apps don’t synch properly
  • Webpages have glitches or disappear completely
  • Emails get lost in the abyss
  • Home security systems get tripped for no reason
  • Log in credentials fail to work

These are just a few of the things I’ve heard about but the possibilities are endless. It’s typically known to be a period of confusion, delay, and frustration. 


But really, why is this important?


You’re in business online, right? If you send emails, have a website, post on social media, deliver digital courses or products, or use video streaming software this is a big deal for you! 


Imagine getting ready to host your first big webinar with dozens of eager participants waiting to hear from you...and your Zoom password doesn’t work. Or kicking off a program launch and your sales page disappears! I’m getting sweaty just thinking about it.


Now, I’m not here to cause panic. Far from it! But now that I know about Mercury Retrograde and the antics it causes, I want my clients and other online entrepreneurs to be mindful during this time as well. We’re in Mercury Retrograde at the time of writing this post (until June 22nd) and there’s one more happening in 2021 (September 27 - October 17)


Here are a few suggestions:


  • Be prepared for more customer inquiries regarding password resets and missing emails
  • Take your time when talking (in person or virtually) so your message is clear
  • Know that even if you’re not affected at all (as is typically the case for those born during a Mercury Retrograde period), the people you interact with might be
  • Schedule your promotions or launches outside of Mercury Retrograde unless you know you do well during this time


So, are we doomed during this period?


Far from it! Mercury Retrograde is a rare opportunity for us to slow down, reflect, and let go of some of the hustle we’re used to. Take a step back and think about what you’re really working towards so you can be super focused and energetic once the retrograde is over. 


Without even knowing we were in this period, I took a serious look at my business and how it’s evolved over the last year, and realized that some of the actions I’d put into place weren’t serving my bigger goals. What a cool, bizarre wake up call!


How about you? Have you been going full steam ahead in the wrong direction and need an adjustment? Or maybe it’s been a minute since you wrote out your big dreams and mini-goals that’ll get you there. 


Bottom line: Don’t fear Mercury Retrograde. Instead, see it as an opportunity to be clear in your communication and slow things down, just like the planet does!

If you’ve noticed anything strange happening with your website or emails, I’d love to hear about them! Shoot me an email at [email protected] or connect with me on IG 



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